Survey: Experimental Field-Linguistics

June 19, 2014
Dear Colleagues,
John and I thought the survey below and its results might be
of interest to the committee.  The work is by Dr. Sonja 
Eisenbeiss, Department of Language and Linguistics, 
University of Essex, and includes questions repeated from
previous work by Claire Bowern (Language, 2010).  
Dr. Eisenbeiss has already linked her site to ours, and
encourages those who have not yet done so
to participate in the survey.  She has agreed to share 
the results with our committee when complete.
Some initial notes may be found here:

Dear all, 
We are currently conducting a survey that is aimed at
(i) fieldworking linguists who carry out experiments as part
of their research and (ii) experimental linguists who carry
out research outside the traditional laboratory context or
study under-researched languages for which the usual
psycholinguistic resources are not available (lexical
databases, corpora, collections of culturally appropriate
picture materials, etc.). The questions focus on ethics,
cross-culturally appropriate methods, and technology, three
notoriously difficult things for experimental
field-linguists. We will use the results of this survey for
teaching and research materials, publications, and improved
services for our resource website and blog 
Please help us by completing the survey and spreading the 
word! survey link: 
For any questions regarding this questionnaire or our
website, please contact
Dr. Sonja Eisenbeiss
Department of Language and Linguistics
University of Essex 
E-mail: seisen; Twitter: 

Note: Claire Bowern has kindly made her questions from her
survey for the 2010 paper in “Language” available to us and
we have used some of these questions. Birgit Hellwig, Naledi
Kgolo, Katrin Skoruppa, and Silke Paulman have given me lots
of comments on an earlier draft of the survey.
Thank you!
All the best and thank you for your contributions!
Dr. Sonja Eisenbeiss Department of Language and Linguistics University of Essex Wivenhoe Park, Colchester CO4 3SQ, UK +44-(0)1206-87-2087 Twitter: @SonjaEisenbeiss