Ethics Committee at the LSA

The Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America will be held in Minneapolis, MN, from Jan 2-5. The ethics committee will have an open committee meeting on Saturday at 8am, in Directors Row 2.

One Response to Ethics Committee at the LSA

  1. ejfranci says:

    Here is a preliminary agenda for the meeting on Saturday. Feel free to email me (Elaine Francis, if you have any questions.

    1. Welcoming new members, and new chairs for 2014 (John Boyle) and 2015 (Shari Speer)

    2. Update from Natasha Warner on the implementation of the Excellence in Community Linguistics award and discussion of how we might better promote the award

    3. Summary of past year’s activities
    a. Human Subjects Workshop in Washington, DC
    b. Participation in LSA Strategic Plan initiative
    c. Participation in online ethics resource initiative
    d. Ethics blog activity

    4. Discussion of request from AAAS to update the Ethics Statement to include more specific reference to human rights, summary of suggestions from Jessica Wyndham

    5. Discussion of proposed new initiatives and how to implement them
    a. Investigation of the ethics of online data collection
    b. Survey of IRB regulation in linguistics
    c. Compilation of ethics case studies

    6. Report from John Boyle on changes to NSF funding of endangered language research

    7. Any other announcements from members or issues for consideration

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