Community Linguist Award

The LSA has just announced a new award for what we’re calling Community Linguists, meaning members of (usually) endangered language communities who do outstanding work for their languages, either as a native speaker consultant working with a linguist or as a community member working on revitalization of their language. The call for nominations is at:

More information about what groups of people are intended for this, as well as about how to nominate someone, is available there.

If you work with an outstanding person of one of these groups, please check on this new opportunity to recognize their work.  If you know someone who works with a potential nominee, please let them know about it.

The award is not limited to the USA: the award aims to recognize community linguists from any area of the world.

The deadline for nominations is July 1st each year (beginning in 2013); nominations will be reviewed by a committee comprising members of the Ethics Committee and the Committee for the Preservation of Endangered Languages.

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