New Ethics CORE Initiative

The Ethics Committee recently received the following email with information about the initiative and a request for materials. The Ethics CORE library is funded by the National Science Foundation. We are posting the full email here because it contains links that may be relevant to the LSA membership. Their page on language sciences can be found here; it contains links to frequently cited papers on ethics in the language sciences, particularly in applied linguistics and linguistic fieldwork.
As you may know, Ethics CORE ( leverages its digital platform to bring together a novel collection of traditional library resources (e.g., encyclopedia, research articles, etc.)with new media (e.g., blog, online communities and multimedia tools). The goal is to create a virtual space where students, faculty, researchers and practicing professionals can seamlessly receive and share information on everything from Authorship to Whistle-blowing.
As we seek to create a virtual hub for ethics information, we would very much like to solicit your input on the following questions:
1)    What ethics resources (articles, documents, books, websites, etc.) have been particularly useful or relevant to researchers or practitioners in your field?
2)    Are there any case studies, particularly case studies with positive outcomes, involving ethical issues that might be interesting or useful to other members of your discipline?
These resources will be added to the Ethics CORE resource database and featured on several areas of the website, such as the “Expert-Recommended Resources” section of each discipline-specific page (found at, and the Positive Outcomes Collection
If possible, we would also like the name and email address of someone we may contact annually for suggested changes to the resources listed on the
page for your discipline.
The Ethics CORE team can help you connect with ethics resources useful to you. If you are aware of any gaps in the ethics resources available to members
of your discipline, or if you need a digital environment to serve a need particular to your group, we would like to collaborate with you. We also hope you consider Ethics CORE as a mechanism for distributing your own related work.
For more information on other ways we can serve you, please contact us.
Megan & Gene
Megan Hayes Mahoney
VisitingDigital Library Research Librarian
Grainger Engineering Library
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Office: 217-244-1885
Gene Amberg, Ph.D
Collaborations Director
National Center for Professional & Research Ethics
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Office: 217.333.1416

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